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Recent work | April 12, 2008

Leaf studyMaya 01 Synagogue drawing 01avuncularity strangler figtrain passenger series 01

Most of these paintings and drawings are quite new. The oldest is from 2006. I have experimented with various mixed media here. My favourite medium is pen and ink. Along with that I try to mix gouache, some colour pencil, rotring tech pen and any other thing that makes an expressive mark. Supports are also equally varied. Some of my best results have been on brown corrugated board, the sort in which television sets are shipped. Excellent midtone for starting me off. It also makes a wonderful thick sound when worked with a pen or a pencil. I’ve even used sandpaper. I also use the glossy, white backs of old calendars. Good surface, plus I feel good since I’m recycling. A lot of half-finished work lurks around in various corners of my studio. Usually I stumble upon one quite accidentally and then the work gets completed. Recently I finished something I had begun twelve years ago!


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