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Rain in Trivandrum | April 30, 2008

Citrus leaves drenched in the rain.

Rain cascades down the chute off the tiled roof over my house.

The monsoon in India sets in over Trivandrum which lies at the southern tip of the sub-continent around the first week of June. This has something to do with the complex weather engine that works over Africa. There is much that is not yet known about how it all works. But the rain comes every year at round the same time. If the rain were to arrive early farmers will lose their crops. If it comes late they will lose too.

This is how the rain came last year from the eastern horizon around three in the afternoon.

The air is still warm from the long summer days. These will come to a watery end as these grey clouds break over the hot earth. For three months it goes on. All the farmers in this country know they can do nothing but pray for the rains. Even the meteorologists know little except the approximate dates. When I wrote “complex weather engine that works over Africa” I really meant something like the butterfly effect. A billion different things all add up to produce the Indian monsoon. And nobody knows all the math. Yet.

Everything natural and man-made receives the fluid bounty.


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